About us

Who we are

DMV For Dessie is an under formation non-profit organization based in USA mainly in DMV area (DC,MERYLAND,VIRGINIA)

Dedicated and committed to  helping families, elderly people in need, internally displaced people, victims of war/conflict, orphans, and also school kids improve their lives and provide them with both rudimentary and comprehensive supports to achieve long-lasting victories over poverty and insecurity.

Our organization in diverse ways has expressed solidarity with affected victims than ourselves and is therefore aimed to help cater their nutritional requirements, security, and making efforts to lessen their hardship. DMV For Dessie contributes to principle and effective humanitarian responses through various aspects, some of which include coordination, humanitarian financing, growing humanitarian needs, and also providing requisite safety to affected victims.

We are believers in the postulation that eliminating the chain of insecurity birthed by the ills of war is possible, and therefore striving to create a community where no one lives in fear of their basic needs

Our approach

Our Mission
DMV For Dessie is on a mission to offer assistance to people in need of it.

We work every day to give internally displaced people,
and victims of war/conflict a healthy start in life, and the opportunity to cushion them from harm. In times of crisis and emergency, we will always be there to offer our aids and ensure people living in extreme poverty can meet their basic needs. We work to assist people in our community by offering them humanitarian services, such that will alleviate their suffering
regardless of their cultural background or religio

Our Vision
Our Vision Statements include:

To create a community where new hope exists, 

To offer both medical and humanitarian aids to people affected by the unfavourable ills of war.

To become always there to offer fast and immediate assistance.

To create lasting changes among our victims needs, offer them a healthy start in life, and also safeguard them from danger and insecurity.

To understand all the issues of barriers to the betterment of affected victims, and fight against it.

To provide hygiene supplies and relevant education to help affected students

Leave the world a better place with a life-changing legacy 

Our Partners

Our numbers that speak

We have numbers that push us to give in our best and make sure that we break our own records. We are happy to be growing and helping more day by day.
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